Friday, January 20, 2012

Late Afternoon, Pastel, 6" x 11", painted on Wallis sanded paper

© by Christine DiMauro, all rights reserved.

I painted this back in 2010 using a reference photo from the Wet Canvas reference image library.  The person that took the photo is Paula Ford, a wonderful landscape pastel artist and member of Wet Canvas.  I was drawn to the photo because of the lighting and the colors she captured, as well as the interesting shape of the roof on the barn. 

I didn't have this painting for very long, it sold rather quickly.  I had it in a local art show, and after the first day I received a phone call telling me that there was a person interested in it.  It's a wonderful feeling knowing that someone purchased your painting because they loved it.  That's my definition of a great show! 

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