Tuesday, November 15, 2011

My Girl, Pastel, 12" x 15", painted on LaCarte pastel paper

© by Christine DiMauro, all rights reserved.

I painted this back in 2001, and I believe I did it on LaCarte paper.  I remember I won a People's Choice Award for this the same year, 2001.  It is my daughter when she was just two years old.  She was fascinated with dandelions, and would pick them and play with them all the time.  It almost looks like she was talking to this one, telling it a story.  I remember taking the photo, for some reason it is etched in my memory.  When I painted this, the experience I had was almost magical.  I was in the moment, just happily painting along with no sense of time or place.  For some reason, painting my daughter always seems to do that to me.  It may be time to do another portrait of her, they grow up so fast.

I never took a photo of this painting before it went under glass.  It's too bad, because the glass really fuzzes the image I think.  Maybe someday I'll remove it from the frame so I can take some proper photos.  Many of these older works are photographed under glass, I just never took photos before framing back then.  Digital cameras weren't common, and slides were the way I kept records.  The slides were taken without glass, I wish I had taken photos before I framed them.  Many are sold, so I can't even take new photos.  I think I'm spoiled with the new technology!

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