Thursday, December 4, 2014

"Peach Fiesta", Pastel, 6" x 6", Painted on Wallis Pro

My "An Apple a Day sort of....." series has morphed into what should probably be called a "6 x 6 series of various and sundry items......" I should probably add my pears to this series as

I've moved on to a teacup, specifically a Fiestaware teacup. I have a few of these in different colors, my mind is coming up with some interesting still life options......

This one almost killed me..... the ellipse fought me tooth and nail, but before I could actually get it right, the entire thing got smooshed, and I mean smooshed, by a canvas bag sliding on it and very neatly blending all the colors together..... it had these somewhat cool and very perfect lines going across the painting, hundreds of them..... honestly, I almost trashed the whole thing. However, that ellipse kept calling me to be fixed, which prompted me to forge on and not give up.

My first painting as a Signature Member of PSA

Painted from life, this subject never rots or dies..... sits still for as long as you want, can take the heat lamp (lol.....), never needs a break. I highly recommend it!!!

"Peach Tea Fiesta", Pastel, 6" x 6"
Painted on Wallis Pro
Paper toned with Pan Pastels
Used Unison, Mount Vision, Terry Ludwig, and Girault sticks
Carb Othello and Conte Pastel Pencil 

© by Christine DiMauro, all rights reserved