Thursday, October 3, 2013

Summer Light, "tweaked"......

After staring at this painting for a few days, I felt there were some small tweaks that needed to be done.  For me, it's about the whole package.  Design, value, and color all have their roles to play in a painting, and when something is off, it needs to be addressed.  Even the smallest of changes can make enough of a difference to be worthwhile doing.

Towards the center of the foliage there was a purple flower making an uncomfortable tangent with a green piece of foliage.  I took care of that, along with adding a cast shadow on the light spot on the rim of the pot on the right.  That light spot was too "regular" of a shape, and by putting in a cast shadow I was able to add some interest.  Lastly, I subtly adjusted the value of the pot in the shadow portion, adding some blue to create more of a rounded shape.  It was feeling a bit flat to me. 

This is a better photo of the painting, the colors and values are truer to the painting.

I do believe this is now finished.  It's at the framer, so I can't tinker with it anymore!

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