Sunday, May 11, 2014

Forelle Pear #10, Pears Squared Series, 6" x 6" Pastel

This exercise is proving to be valuable for working out backgrounds, amongst other things.  Thinking about abstract shapes of color, value and temperature to get certain effects is something that can be used in all aspects of the painting, but doing it in the background is a great way to answer the question "I wonder what will happen if......".  I did leave quite a bit of the background unfinished, and I am thinking I could do more with darkening on the left side for drama.  I probably will leave this one, and try that technique on another pear.  That's the beauty of doing a series like this, I can just paint another!

Also, I would like to do my next one with colors that aren't so bold, let's see if I can actually do that, knowing my love of color.  I think more neutrals, using colors but toning them down a bit.  The Asian pear was somewhat there, as well as the Bosc, this one looks more like a patchwork quilt, though I admit I rather like it.
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