Thursday, May 8, 2014

Asian Pear #9, Pears Squared Series, 6" x 6" Pastel

This was an interesting pear to paint.  It was throwing off lots of warm oranges, reds and greens from one perspective, and when viewed from literally two feet away the colors changed.  I did this with two of my students, each of us painting the pear. We each had slightly different reflected light.  It also wasn't very "interesting", the colors were subtle.  The challenge was to paint what you saw, but exaggerate it to make it interesting. 

For me, I chose to paint this on a green ground.  I took Wallis Pro (white) and toned it with Pan Pastels, using primarily green, with a touch of turquoise and neutral tan.  I then went in with a quick sketch, followed by the sticks.  I wanted to paint a green background as an exercise in taming the greens.  I think by doing this it will translate into landscape paintings, at least for me it will.  I plan on using some of the techniques and colors I used here when painting my greens in the landscape, at least that's my story now, and I'm sticking to it!!!

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