Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bosc Pear #3, Pears Squared series, 6" x 6" Pastel

Another in my series of pears.  Today I painted a bosc pear.  This is about an hour's worth of painting, not much time and very loose for me.  I give lessons on Thursdays, and I often like to paint along with my students.  It gives them an opportunity to see how I do things, not just hear how I do things.  Funny thing is, I only had enough lights for my students to use to light up their work as they paint.  As a result, I was painting in the dark.....frustrating, but I ended up with something passable.  Also, because of my laziness, I used the same pastel sticks as I did for my last Seckel Pear #2, something I don't like to do.  I'd much rather put all the sticks back, and select some new ones for the new subject.  Alas, laziness won, and I just used what I had out in my tray.  That proved to be a challenge, because some of the colors weren't what I would have "chosen".  These were pre-selected for another subject, a red pear.  Yikes, what was I thinking???

In the end it worked out, and I think it's probably a good idea to try something like this out, forcing yourself to use colors in a subject based purely on nothing else but laziness..... I am laughing just thinking about it, painting in the dark, using colors I didn't select for this subject, talk about sabotaging oneself.....

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