Friday, November 22, 2013

"Timberpoint Morning", Pastel, 7" x 10", Painted on Canson MT paper

Well, I thought I would do a quick sketch using a photo I took at a local marina. A few years ago I had taken a drive there early in the morning to capture the morning light. It's a simple composition, so I thought just a quick sketch to get me painting.... well, after two days of painting, I guess it doesn't count as a quick sketch does it?

It's small, only 7"x10", painted on Canson MT, felt gray, using Mount Visions, Unisons, Art Spectrums, Senneliers, and maybe one Great American. I am trying to work out simplifying grasses, as well as capture the light. 
© by Christine DiMauro, all rights reserved.


David King said...

This is just the kind of painting where pastels really shine. Your painting looks great on my monitor but I bet it just glows in person. Great color and mood in this one.

Christine DiMauro said...

Thanks David! The colors that morning were beautiful, I'm pleased it comes across that way for you.