Friday, November 22, 2013

Last Tuesday's Portrait workshop sketch, 15" x 12" painted on Canson MT

I belong to a local art group that meets every Tuesday. Two Tuesdays a month we do a portrait workshop (I wish it were at least three Tuesdays a month... oh well...). I ended up with something I liked this past Tuesday, so I thought I would share it here.
What I want to share is the success I think I had in capturing skin tone while keeping it loose. I spent at most an hour's time painting this, which for me is pretty fast. I'm finding (as I am sure you all know already, as do I) that the more I do this the faster I get, and the more confident I feel. The moral of this story is, "paint, paint, paint, as much as you can, it does make a difference"...

Anyway, here it is, my one hour sketch painted on Canson paper, (the color is Sand), using Giraults, with a smattering of old Grumbachers, and maybe a Rembrandt or two...... I started out with a charcoal value sketch, and went in with the pastels, working dark to light.

© by Christine DiMauro, all rights reserved.

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