Tuesday, October 7, 2014

How important do you think edges are?

A friend on Facebook asked a question about painting fuzzier or more photo realistic.  He thought maybe work done in that style is "more creative, and is more highly regarded".

Here's my take on it:

We all have our own style, and it comes through regardless of our efforts to change it. I'm not a big advocate of trying to change one's style, but I do believe in improvement.  Who doesn't want to improve?  Everyone has room for improvement, even the masters.  That's how they got to be masters, they're always looking to improve.  So, keeping this in mind, I suggest looking at edge work to improve your paintings.  Looking at your edge work won't compromise your style, it will enhance it. Edges are a critical component of any painting.  They are subtle, but managed correctly they are one of the most critical components of composition.  They are often forgotten, but for me they are always on my mind, they are critical to my finished work. I look at my edges probably as much, or even more than my color, and probably as much as my values.  Look at your edges, lost, found, hard, soft. Edges are created in many ways, explore your options.

I love edges, they can make or break a painting, IMHO......

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